All libraries are accessible and provide resources such as classes and workshops, 3D printing, and course items. Materials such as laptops, cameras, and portable projectors are also available for rental. Check out more info about the libraries below and

Branches of the Library

UA offers five libraries across campus and, while each library has its own specialty, they provides resources to support all students.

Gorgas Library

Gorgas Library is the most popular study place on campus! In addition to the Sanford Media Center and the Alabama Digital Humanities Center, Gorgas offers study noise preferences ranging from loud to silent, a media center, computers on almost every floor, and a coffee shop on the first floor.

Bruno Library

Bruno Library is the business library and is equipped with the resources necessary to ace your economics classes. It includes numerous study rooms and business databases.

Rodgers Library

Rodgers Library is home to the nursing, engineering, and general science majors. If you are looking for peace and quiet in a study space, Rodgers is for you. It’s open 24 hours a day!

McLure Education Library

McLure Library is the College of Education library. It’s small and private, with cubicles for your computing or study needs.

Hoole Special Collections

Hoole Library is a special collections library and houses a selective stash of rare books, Alabama materials, and more than 3,400 manuscript collections and other texts. A-Books from the 1960s and before can be found at Hoole!

Library Services

The libraries not only have print resources available to you, but also a variety of services to support your success as a student at UA.


All libraries on campus offer convenient, wireless printing options for students. Using Bama Cash, students can print in black and white for 5 cents a page, or color for 15 cents. Simply select a printer, swipe your ACT card, and get your papers!

Group Study and Presentation Practice Rooms

Group study and practice presentation rooms are perfect for working on group projects, preparing for an interview, or even just getting homework done. There are study rooms located in all libraries except in Hoole, while practice presentation rooms are only available in McLure and Rodgers. Not only are they free, but also easy to book! Book a room today by visiting

Campus Study Locations

The Gorgas Library Steps – Looking out on Denny Chimes and the Quad, there is no better view of campus than the front steps of Gorgas!

The Quad – Bring a blanket and choose either the wooded shade to relax, or the bright sun to get some rays while studying! You are also guaranteed to see adorable dogs running about.

The Ferguson Student Center – If you like some background noise while you study the Ferguson Student Center is a great place. There are multiple couches and comfortable spots to sit on every floor of the building.

The Science and Engineering Complex – This space is a nice scenic spot to sit outside on a nice day.

The Park at Manderson Landing – If you would like to get some Vitamin D and study time in, check out Manderson Landing! It offers a wonderful view of the river.

Woods Quad – In the heart of campus, this location offers very few distractions and little foot traffic!

Editor’s Choice – North Lawn Hall is one of the newest building on UA’s campus and has lots of comfortable furniture to help you relax while you’re hitting the books.