Housing and Residential Communities supports students’ development, learning, and engagement through intentionally designed environments, programs, and services.

Living on campus as a first-year student is a great way to get to know other UA students and quickly navigate your way around campus. The residence halls are a mixture of traditional, suite style, and apartment style.

Make sure you know everything you’re going to need for your new life on campus. Checklists help you make sure that you don’t forget anything while shopping in the store or online, just check off your list as you go.

On-Campus Living

As a freshman at UA you are required to live on campus, so take advantage of that by getting to know your Resident Advisors, Community Directors, and Area Coordinators. These valuable resources can connect you to the campus community through activities and information! You can even join a residence hall intramural team!

Resident Advisors (RAs) are in all residence halls and they are students committed to supporting you, so reach out to them for any of your first-year student needs!

Off-Campus Housing

When you move out of your residence hall sophomore year, the Off-Campus Housing Office can help you find the best options for moving off campus! Find information about different apartments and locations, rates, roommate matching, and answers to other questions or concerns you may have. Trust us, finding a place to live on your own can be tricky, so take full advantage of them!

Crimson Choice

As UA’s residential rental education program, this site highlights properties that meet the University’s strict standards for safety and security at off-campus properties.