Register through myBama to stay up-to-date during emergency situations via text message, email, and automated phone calls. This is important for weather and safety notifications!

Blue Phone System

Blue phones across campus will connect you directly to the University’s police communication center in the event of an emergency. Simply locate the blue light closest to you, press the button, and help will be on its way.

Campus Police

The University of Alabama Police Department (UAPD) works to foster a safe campus environment. Be sure to add their phone number in your phone!

On-Campus: UAPD at (205) 348-5454

Off-Campus: Tuscaloosa Police at 911

UA Safety App

The UA Safety App provides students and employees with immediate access to information in case of an emergency. Features include a built-in GPS to every campus building and shelter locations, AEDs and safety guidelines for potential hazards.

The safety app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Contact the Office of Emergency Management at