A student’s success is dependent on a variety of factors including their health and well-being. UA provides many resources to support a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. All of these resources will help you follow and stick with the wellness wheel.

Health Hut

The Health Hut helps promote healthy living to all students. They also help sponsor awareness throughout campus with organizations such as Project Wellness. You can usually find a booth set up in various locations around campus to help promote different aspects to healthy living, such as the safe use of alcohol, or just healthier eating choices. But don’t worry, these aren’t just boring lectures! Student and faculty will find a fun interactive way to teach you on these topics. For more information on what the Health Hut offers, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/UAHealthHut
Twitter: www.twitter.com/uahealthhut
Instagram: www.instagram.com/uahealthhut

Student Health Center and Pharmacy

The Student Health Center serves students by providing medical attention right here on campus. They take appointments and walk-ins, there is an on-site pharmacy, and supports the Health Hut and Project Wellness. The SHC is quick and convenient to all students!

Location: 750 Peter Bryce Blvd.
Website: shc.sa.ua.edu

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers brief, as well as in depth, counseling to students needing guidance both academically and socially. Students are encouraged to call 205-348-3863 to schedule an appointment or text BAMA to 741-741 to text with a trained volunteer.

Examples of services include:

  • Telephone conversations with licensed counselors
  • Group or support group counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Online assisted therapy
  • Ongoing individual counseling
  • Programs and workshops
  • Suicide prevention training

Location: 3000 South Lawn Office Building
Website: counseling.sa.ua.edu

Women and Gender Resource Center

The Women and Gender Resource Center promotes gender equity and supports victims/survivors of interpersonal violence in the UA community. The WGRC promotes and hosts different programs on campus that provide information for those struggling with abuse, social problems, and gender issues. The programs help students address the problems they face in their academic lives and social lives. Counseling offered by the WGRC is free and confidential. Stop by to learn more about getting involved, upcoming events, or to check out a book from the Frances S. Summersell library!

Location: South Lawn Office Building
Website: wgrc.sa.ua.edu

Student Crisis Response

Student Crisis Response is a service for students and their families during a time of need. An on-call dean is available 24/7 to offer support in collaboration with other departments on campus.

Contact: 205-348-3326

Student Care and Well-Being

Student Care and Well-Being was organized to help ensure students that are going through a difficult time are given adequate help so as to not interfere with their academic success. They offer different programs to help a variety of issues students may be facing.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Got Meals Program: This program helps students experiencing issues with food security. Here they can apply for a meal allotment in a time of need. They also offer services through the food pantry. Assistance through the food pantry or information on how to donate can be found by calling 205-348-2461.
  • Emergency Assistance: Emergency assistance programs can be found through the Tide Together Student Support Fund, and the Acts of Kindness- student emergency relief fund. This program can help offer support and assistance to students in a qualifying state of emergency.

Location: Ferguson Student Center 2500
Website: bamacares.sa.ua.edu

Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services

Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services (CRIS) works to provide services for students including prevention and awareness of substance abuse. Students are encouraged to stop by the CRIS if they feel they might have a substance abuse problem or to learn more about the consequences of overindulging while in college. Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services also works with students in various areas of their college career such as academic support and career development.

Location: 1000 South Lawn Building
Website: cris.sa.ua.edu