March (Midterm) Madness

Dear First Year Students,

The air is turning warmer, midterms are right around the corner, and your car is probably covered in a nice layer of pollen right now. Although the fear of tests is lurking around every corner, March can be one of the best months in Alabama. It brings perfect weather to head outdoors or just sprawl out on the Quad. Plus you are over halfway through the spring semester! Even though the weather outside may feel nice, the stress storm is on its way and it brings midterms and job applications. If you are going home for the summer, your parents may be sending hints that your favorite local places are hiring and if you’re staying in town the “now hiring” signs seem to pop up everywhere. It’s hard to relish in the beautiful outdoors with these things nagging in the back of your mind but trust me there is a way to get it all done.

Midterms… You’ve been here before just with different classes. Hopefully, in the fall you picked up some tips for studying and getting started early but here’s a little refresher. Professor’s office hours are incredibly important during this time. It’s a great way to get a glimpse from your professor of how you are doing in the class and how you can improve. Your teachers can also give you specific tips for studying for that particular class. They can let you know what grade you need to make on the test to keep you on the right track. Another tip regarding midterms is to form a study group as soon as possible. Whether you work better studying alone or with others, forming groups helps you to learn new studying styles and gives you insight into things you may have missed in class. Even though midterms are not the final exam of the class, many courses will count them as the same percentage as the final making them equally as important. However, don’t drive yourself insane with studying. If you’ve been attending class regularly and doing the assignment that’s half the battle. Plus, many times the class you take will have projects or things such as participation points that boost your grade if you’re worried about not doing great on the exam.

After midterms, the year flies by faster than you can imagine and before you know it summer will be here. As you get older you realize summer time is less about relaxation and more about working to fund all those late night Insomnia Cookie runs you took this school year. Applying for jobs back home most likely includes calling old contacts, asking your parents what stores are hiring, and surfing online for open spots. If you are planning to stay in Tuscaloosa this summer, there are a multitude of opportunities for finding jobs. The University has great opportunities for working over the summer such as applying to be an Early College Peer Coach or working for University Programs. Make sure to check out the UA Student Job Site to see who all is hiring on campus. Tuscaloosa is also filled with stores, restaurants, and cafes that need help during the summer. Many places take applications online so take a little time to research and apply for a couple jobs a day. This way you won’t get overwhelmed and can do it from the comfort of your own home. Wherever you decide to work, make sure it’s somewhere that won’t bring you too much anxiety because it’s still summer!

Roll Tide,

Irene Richardson

Contributor of Tuscaloosa Community