Preparing for Life at The Capstone

Incoming Freshman,

Hello, it’s me again! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! In just a few short weeks, you will be an official student at the University of Alabama. At this point, many of you have already gone to Bama Bound and gotten a good taste of life at the Capstone. I hope it was an amazing experience full of new knowledge and new relationships. While at Bama Bound, there are several things we hoped you accomplished. First and foremost, you should have signed up for Fall 2017 courses using the Alabama course catalog. You also should have received additional help from Academic Advisors. Choosing classes may have seemed a bit stressful in the beginning, but it becomes easier each year. It is also important to remember that in case you change your mind or make a mistake, classes can be added and dropped until August 30th without receiving a “W”.

Another goal for Bama Bound is to allow you the opportunity to meet other students and staff. It’s important to try and stay in contact with those people through the summer and once you move onto campus because they will make the transition much easier! When you first get to school, everyone is just trying to make friends. Why not start early and get to know the people you already connected with? I met several of my best friends during those first couple of days, and more still that helped ease the pain of leaving my friends at home. They don’t have to be your best friends, maybe just someone to eat lunch with in between classes. My point is, there’s no harm in being friendly and giving everyone a shot. Some of you may have gone to the same Bama Bound session as your roommates, which is great! This provides a unique opportunity to get to know your roommate prior to living with them for a year. Personally, I didn’t go to the same session as any of my roommates and things turned out just fine. However, it is extremely important that you get in contact with them over the summer. I suggest taking a divide and conquer approach when getting things for your dorm room- especially if you are living suite style. Make a list that clearly highlights who will bring what in a way that is both cost effective and fair. This will save both money and time down the road when it comes time to actually get settled in.

Now that I’ve covered all the major points, there are a few things that I personally feel will help you be successful. First, invest in a good raincoat and umbrella- you won’t regret it. Second, get to know your RA(s) at the beginning of the year. Having a positive relationship with them can make your year much better! They are there to answer any questions you may have, settle disputes, and do the occasional room check when necessary. Overall, they are a great resource and can be an even better friend if you let them! Third, make an effort with your roommates. Friendships don’t just happen, both parties have to make an effort somewhere along the way. If you initiate the friendship, they will almost always meet you halfway. Try going out to eat, spending time at the Rec, or even hanging out and watching Netflix in the common space. Finally, try to meet some of the other people in your building. Seeing friends without having to leave your building is one of the major perks of dorm life- don’t let an opportunity go to waste!

Good luck, and as always Roll Tide!

Zach Smith

Contributor for Campus Resources