Dr. George Denny became the university president in 1912 when the campus consisted of 652 students and nine buildings. His presidency began an era of unprecedented physical and enrollment growth. When he retired in 1936, there were more than 5,000 students and 23 major buildings. Due to his success as university president, many well-known artifacts about our campus came from him!

Bryant-Denny Stadium

How did Bryant-Denny Stadium get its name? Originally our stadium was just Denny Stadium, built in 1929 and named after beloved President Denny. In 1975, the stadium was renamed Bryant-Denny Stadium in honor of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and the legacy he left with Alabama football. Since 1937, the stadium has gone through eight expansions, bringing current seating capacity to 101,821.

Side Note: We have filled the most recent capacity 34 times!

Denny Chimes

When President Denny announced he was contemplating leaving the University, something had to be done. The famous landmark of our campus, Denny Chimes, was built in front of the President’s Mansion and dedicated in his honor!

Pro-Tip: Listen for Denny Chimes at noon every day to hear the Alma Mater! Do you know the lyrics?

The Capstone

Have you ever heard of Alabama referred to as the Capstone? That’s all because of President Denny! In 1913, he called Alabama the “capstone of the public-school system of the state” and the name caught on!