One of the oldest buildings on campus, the President’s Mansion was built in 1841 and designed by William Nichols. The mansion is one of the four structures on campus that survived the burning of campus in 1865. According to a famous legend, Louisa Garland, the wife of UA President Garland, saved the home from destruction in 1865 by confronting Union soldiers who were about to set fire to it. Fun Fact: Our UA President and his family live in the home!

Did you know?

In addition to the President’s mansion, three other antebellum buildings remain on campus today.

Maxwell Hall, now home to Creative Campus, was an on-campus observatory when first constructed.

The Gorgas House, now home to a museum of international collections, once served as the dining hall, infirmary, and even home to President Gorgas when he wanted to live closer to the heart of campus.

The Little Round House, now a facility paying tribute to the Jason’s Honor Society, was the lookout headquarters when UA served as a military campus.