The Honors College gives students a small community feel within a large university setting. These students have the opportunity to be a part of honors-based innovative classes with a small number of students, undergraduate research, civic engagement, and international experiences.

How to Join

If you want to join the Honors College later in your college experience, or if you transferred into the university, you can apply with a minimum of a 3.3 GPA and 12 credit hours on campus.

Student Spotlight

“The Honors College has made a tremendous impact on my freshman year. The Honors College has provided several opportunities for me to get involved on campus. From getting to know people from across the world and expanding my circle of friends to attaining leaderships positions and participating in mentoring programs, the honors college has provided a way for me to get involved and provides ways for every student to get involved as well! For me, the Honors College has made the campus seem much smaller. It provides the “small school feel” at a University with over 35,000 students. Because the Honors College offers small classes, I have had the opportunity to get to know my professors and fellow classmates. Overall, the Honors College doesn’t solely provide a great academic experience, but it also facilitates students to grow into well-rounded individuals. If you’re looking for a way to get plugged in on campus and want to have a memorable experience at UA, the Honors College is the perfect place for you!”
Kaytlyn Carlson

– Kaytlyn Carlson | Sophomore | Psychology & Biology Major | Gulf Breeze, Fl | Honors College Ambassador