First Year Experience is devoted to making the transition to UA easy and enjoyable. They promote numerous events to help meet students and host a few themselves to help get students involved on campus. They also provide resources and information to help make your transition to UA a breeze. Check out the programs below to get involved with FYE!


BRIDGE meeting

BRIDGE is an initiative for first-year, undergraduate men-of-color to begin building their story and legacy at The University of Alabama. BRIDGE is a 3-day, 2-night extended-orientation program designed to empower men-of-color to access campus resources, form connections with UA faculty and staff, and also build relationships with current UA students and their peers. As a BRIDGE participant, you will set your goals for your time at UA, be provided with a space for you to meet other first-year men-of-color, and offer you the chance to network with Upperclassmen men-of-color and UA faculty and staff members. Participation in a full schedule is ideal for you to get the most out of your BRIDGE experience.

The 2020 dates for BRIDGE are August 12-14, 2020, on-campus at UA.

Camp 1831

Camp 1831 Bama BBQ

Camp 1831 welcomes freshman and transfer students to The University of Alabama with the purpose of introducing what it means to be a member of The Capstone. It gives students the opportunity to make new friends, connect with faculty and staff, and most importantly, learn about the history and traditions of UA.

The 2020 Sessions are August 5-7, 2020, and August 10-12, 2020, on-campus at UA.

Compass Talks

Compass Talks allow you to set up a meeting with a staff member or student to help you set goals, get involved, and help you overcome challenges you may face during your first year. It’s a great way to get inspired and have a personal mentor to help push you!

Freshman Forum

Freshman Forum meeting

Freshman Forum is a unique leadership education and development program for freshman students at The University of Alabama. The weekly meetings focus on leadership identity, civic engagement, and ethical development.

Applications for Freshman Forum are due September 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Ignite UA

Ignite UA is a community-building program specifically designed for first-year students as they continue to transition to life at The University of Alabama. Upperclassmen undergraduate students lead the Ignite UA sessions and serve as a mentor to student participants.

Legacy Scholars

Legacy Scholars is a specialized program for first generation* students at The University of Alabama. The program is designed to build a community of freshman who are starting a new legacy as the first in their families to go to college.

Lucy’s Legacy Living-Learning Community

Lucy’s Legacy is a living-learning community (LLC) housed in John England Jr. Hall for women interested in exploring the historical significance and experiences of women-of-color at The University of Alabama. This LLC is named in honor of Autherine Lucy, the first African-American student to attend The University of Alabama. As a member of Lucy’s Legacy, you are enrolled in a shared academic course with other first-year women, benefit from mentoring and great resources on campus, and form a tight knit peer-group of women to share your first-year experience together. Lucy’s Legacy is a great way to build community in a small group setting.


Navigators are your guide for the first year experience! They represent FYE at various marketing functions, host weekly walk-in hours for students, and support the office with communication efforts and monthly events. Navigators use their college experience to help you navigate  through the first year!

New View

New VIEW  is where you find your place and find your people. This organization is for out of state, first-year women who want to build community and connections, foster lasting friendships, and promote college loyalty. The group meets bi-weekly and participates in group excursions as well as socials throughout the year.

Out 2 Lunch

Everyone has a favorite professor they would like to get to know better! Invite them “Out 2 Lunch”; swipe your ACT card at any dining hall or on campus dining facility (i.e. Starbucks, Chick-fil-a), and your professor’s meal will be reimbursed to your ACT card.

Peer Leaders

Worried about making a smooth transition into college life? Peer Leaders are upperclassmen who serve as guides for first-year students. They are assigned to freshman-oriented classes, so keep a look out for them if you need some extra help.

Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Tau Sigma National Honor Society is for transfer students with a 3.5 GPA or higher who will be invited to join in the Spring. It’s a great opportunity for new transfer students to help find their place on campus!