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The A Book is a unique resource about life at the Capstone written entirely by students, for students. With the help of the A Book Editorial Board, six upperclassmen students who cherish their time at UA, this resource includes four main sections to enlighten students on traditions, campus life experiences, UA resources, and life in the Tuscaloosa community. For a personal touch, check out Transition 101 for a monthly blog sharing peer to peer experiences to help you enjoy a successful first year at UA. Feel free to reach out to First Year Experience and Retention Initiatives , and Roll Tide!

So you "bombed" your first test...

"Schoolwork has always come easily to me, so when I went to Bama Bound the summer before freshman year I didn’t think twice about signing up for Honors Biology. A few days before the first test I made some flashcards—because I was in college now and wanted to start preparing “early” for my exams, and when I took the test I felt fine about it." Read more on the Transition 101 Tab.

First Year Experience

As your hub for all information during the first year at UA, check out First Year Experience and Retention Initiatives. From programs for leadership development to resources of all sorts, this department is here to help you transition to life at UA. Visit FYE to start making your mark!

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